How to access Samsung Galaxy S II usb drive in Ubuntu

I recently had a chance of playing with a Samsung Galaxy S II. It is indeed quite a stunning phone. Thin, lightweight with an awesome camera and a brilliant display screen, it just blows your mind away. And it is fast too! It houses a dual core chipset under the hood! Using it is as easy as any andriod phone. I wont go into the specs and usage details as you can find them on any top notch android website.

The real issue came into light when I tried to transfer some photos from the Galaxy S II to my laptop running Ubuntu using a usb cable. Samsung has its own software called Kies which gets activated as soon as you connect a usb cable to the phone. Samsung Kies and Ubuntu are not compatible with each other and hence Ubuntu just detects a phone card but is unable to read from inside the folders.
To get past this issue, enabling USB storage will do the trick.Once this is enabled, Kies will be disabled and the stock USB handler will come into effect. Then you can easily mount the USB drive.
Here’s how to do it.
1. On Galaxy S II , go to
Menu -> Settings -> Wireless and network -> USB utilities 
2. Click on Connect Storage to PC
3. Connect the USB cable to your pc.
4. Click on Connect USB storage
5. Use your file manager to install/copy/paste.
6. Once finished, click on Disconnect storage from PC to disconnect and unmount drive from Ubuntu.
Hope this helps!

Sayantan Das

Sayantan is a Sr. IT Consultant by the day and works mainly with Middleware and Linux . He is a RedHat certified Sales Engineer . He loves to tinker with Linux systems and writes for and

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