Ambiance and Radiance themes updated. Now sports orangish links in firefox

After today’s update to Lucid Lynx, I was quite surprised to see a glaring change that was made to the themes.
First was a change which affects both the themes, namely Radiance and Ambiance. I noticed this while trying to type a website address in the browser url bar. In the firefox awesomebar , the links started appearing somewhat orange-ish in colour. Although it fits in well with the darker theme, the orange colour to the lighter theme does not do justice at all.
The Ambiance theme has been updated and looks much nicer now. Previously, while typing in the firefox addressbar, the history links could not be seen due to mismatched colours. Although the colour has changed to orange, this gives a much better legibility.
Also, the menus are now readable in applications like Skype, where the menu was totally dark. Again, mismatched colours (now fixed). The overall look and feel of Ambiance theme has been updated and looks more compact now.

Sayantan Das

Sayantan is a DevOps Consultant by the day and works mainly with Ansible and Linux . He is a AWS - SA and RedHat Certified Engineer . He loves to tinker with Linux systems .

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