Another Professional Remote Desktop software comes to Linux

Popular remote desktop solution software, Team Viewer, has launched the first ever linux version of its software. Currently the software is in beta.
Packages for rpm based distros and Ubuntu are available for download from its website at

Those who have used Team Viewer in Windows , swear by its simplicity and robust connection. The remote desktop connection is much faster and smoother than any vnc connection.
It is very easy to setup and there is no extra configuration needed like in vnc.
Team viewer is free for personal use while it is chargeable for corporate use. It also supports voice and video calls and file transfer facilities. Team viewer can also be used from a browser interface.
The beta version is quite stable and supports file transfer voice calls as well. However, the service was not able to pick up my full screen resolution of 1920×1080 (resolutions upto 1280×800 are supported without any issues).

This is a very good example of linux’s growing popularity among users which is prompting companies to enter the linux environment. What is more encouraging is that the software provides support for 64 bit Ubuntu machines as well.

Sayantan Das

Sayantan is a DevOps Consultant by the day and works mainly with Ansible and Linux . He is a AWS - SA and RedHat Certified Engineer . He loves to tinker with Linux systems .

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