Google releases Google Chrome 17 and Chrome Beta for Android

Google releases Google Chrome 17 and Chrome Beta for Android

Search giant Google released version 17 of its popular multi-platform web browser, Google Chrome. The latest version boasts a range of features. Notable of them are new extensions APIs,  updated Omnibox prerendering, download scanning protection and lots of security fixes and bug fixes.

The new feature introduced, a “preemptive rendering” feature, that will automatically begin loading and rendering a page in the background while the user is typing the address in the omnibox,  has already been available for Google Search for the last few weeks. 

The new Chrome also introduces scanning for downloaded items for .exe and .msi files. If the downloaded file information is not sufficiently available, then Chrome will search Google for more information.
UPDATE: A new update just noticed in Chrome 17 for Ubuntu, window buttons which were present on the top left side have now been taken off to keep a consistent look with the global menu.
Ubuntu users will get automatic upgrade to the latest one in the coming days. If you do not want to wait, download the latest package from the Google Chrome downloads page at
Google also released a beta version of its Chrome browser for Android. However, it is currently available only for ICS version of Android (4.0). Initial testing of the browser in Android 4.0 suggests that its fast and lightweight but still it needs some work on the scrolling.

It has been made clear that Chrome on Android will not be preinstalled with Flash. It will use HTML5 and is going to probably replace the current stock browser in future Android releases. 

To download Google Chrome beta for Android go to or search in android market or snap up the QR code below.

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