How to add a folder link to Unity quicklist in 3 simple steps

How to add a folder link to Unity quicklist in 3 simple steps

Quicklist before adding bookmark
Anyone wishing to add an extra entry to the Unity launcher quicklist (A quicklist is a short-cut menu which you get on right clicking any icon on the Unity launcher) needs to manually edit the .desktop files. This process becomes quite technical for anyone who just wants to use the computer graphically without having to make changes to the code.
Well, here is one easy way to add a folder link to the Unity quicklist without having to edit the files manually. Its dead easy and requires just 3 simple steps to complete.
1. Open Nautilus file manager.
2. Navigate to the desired folder
3. Bookmark it by pressing Ctrl+D or by navigating to the menus on the top (Rename the folder if you want).
Now, right click on the home folder icon on the Unity launcher and you will be able to see the name of your folder in the quicklist.
Screenshots below show the process. 

Add bookmark after navigating to the desired folder

Rename if you like a short name (Recommended)
The link ‘Movies’ show up after the bookmark is added

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