Releasing Easy Linux OS v0.1

A lot of my friends want to try out Linux. Either they have heard from someone or just want to try something different. However, whenever they have tried to look around they have been left confused and didnt know where to start, what to do. And, they wanted something which would just work! Just like their pre-installed Windows systems.
In the past, I have recommened my friends to different distributions which addresses these issues however, they all seem to have something or the other missing which I dont like.  Hence I decided to build my own distribution, taking into account all the frequently used applications and software suggested by my friends. Also, in India, we dont have cheap and free unlimited broadband like in Europe and America. Most don’t have broadband! So, ensuring everything is in one DVD for them to enjoy.
This release is based on Ubuntu 11.04 and has Unity as the main interface. Gnome2 classic is the fall back interface.
This distribution contains all the non-free software pre installed so that you don’t have to run pillar to post installing them. Plus a few custom launchers to make working with Unity easier.
Extra software include chromium & google chrome browser, google talk plugin preinstalled, pidgin ( for those who hate empathy!), emesene messenger ( for those who like msn messenger interface. it connects very well through proxy servers), handbrake , umplayer, y ppa manager , sun-java instead of open jdk, thunderbird and lots more.
This is just the first release so there are a lot of rough edges. Will smoothen them out in due course.
As for the name, I couldn’t think of one, so thought, best name would be Easy Linux as the goal is to make it
easy to use for others!
Please enjoy the distribution . Any type of feedback is greatly appreciated.

Sayantan Das

Sayantan is a DevOps Consultant by the day and works mainly with Ansible and Linux . He is a AWS - SA and RedHat Certified Engineer . He loves to tinker with Linux systems .

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