Team Viewer in Ubuntu using Wine

Team Viewer in Ubuntu using Wine

I had been trying to remote control my friend’s pcs for a long time after I started using ubuntu but all my attempts went in vain while trying to use vnc viewer. somehow i am still unable to connect to other vnc clients in either windows or ubuntu over the internet. I know it can be done but I did not have the patience to sit down and configure the router, do port forwarding and so on. All i wanted was a fast and easy way to do remote desktop control without much hassle, exactly like the way I did in windows . I googled around and found out that Team Viewer ( my personal favourite remote desktop control software) was easy to install with Wine. Many users have given thumbs up to this.

So I decided to give it a try. My first target was to control a windows vista pc from my ubuntu pc . Installing was easy. Just downloaded the windows installation file and then installed it using wine. I updated wine to the latest version from the repos.
I am sure everyone knows how to install wine in Linux. For furtur help plz visit

The installed file gets automatically registered in the applications menu.You can just run it from the desktop link or from the menu.
It will be listed under Applications-> wine -> programs -> team viewer.

The easiest way to do remote connect. No messing around with routers!

I have not tested the file transfer option yet. The chat function also does not work in wine yet.

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