Easylinux OS 64bit version released

The first stable 64bit version of Easylinux OS has been released. The version is named 0.4 . This is by far the most tweaked Unity interface with custom launchers and unity lenses. Most derivatives of Ubuntu has decided to stick to GNOME classic interface.However, since new users would be using Unity by default, it was best thought tweaking Unity launchers would be a good idea.

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Solving ‘waiting for sound system’ issue on linux systems – fix 2

Last year, I had this issue with the pulseaudio engine . There was no sound at all and launching gnome-volume-control would say "waiting for sound system". Then deleting the ~/.pulse folder did the trick. Today, after reinstalling my system with my  newly built custom Easylinux OS, while keeping my /home folder intact, I fell prey to this horrible beast again! And this time I was not that lucky!

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