Changes to Ubuntu 11.10 post beta 2

The second beta of the upcoming Ubuntu 11.10, codenamed Oneiric Ocelot, was released a few days ago. A few of the late updates have started tricking in after the release. Lets have a quick look on what was released.
  • Desktop icon: A new small Ubuntu icon, depicting the desktop has shown up after yesterday’s update.

  • The dash scrollbar has undergone some fine changes. The scrollbar looks sleeker than before.

  • The Dash now supports a vastly improved drag and drop feature.

  • The Alt+Tab now supports multiple workspace switches. This is best explained through a video. Please see the screen recording for a few tweaks that have showed up recently.

  • The Alt+Tab Show Desktop now works. If you select the Show Desktop while switching applications, all open applications will be minimized.
  • Wallpapers: Winners
    of the Ubuntu wallpaper contest will be happy to know that their
    wallpapers are now available by default. 14 wallpapers have been chosen
    to be  included in the final release.

Image Courtesy: OMG Ubuntu
If you want to download the wallpapers for your current version of Ubuntu , download it by clicking here.

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