Dell XPS LCD too red?? Try this. (Ubuntu/Linux only)

I had an issue with my old Dell XPS 1640 so, Dell, being the most generous manufacturer (according to me), decided to replace my laptop with a new dell xps 1640 as it was under warranty. While working with the new system I found that my screen was a bit too red and was hurting my eyes. I tried a lot number of tricks from the blogs around and even tried reducing the gamma levels using xgamma. It didnt work. I tried importing .icm profiles and that didn’t help either. Then I found out that the screen was over saturated and can be easily reduced using simple steps. There are two ways of doing it

1. Using graphics card manager
If you have an ATI graphics card, install the drivers from ATI or from System->Administration->Hardware Drivers. Reboot to let ATI Control Centre takeover the system.
Under color section of the ATI Control Centre, accessible from System-> Preferences, you will find saturation. Drag the slider to reduce the saturation do decrease the redness to your liking. You can change the hue to match your saturation levels.

2. Using compiz manager
This is probably the easiest one. Most of you will have ccsm installed to configure your compiz functionality. If not install ccsm from Synaptic Package Manager or Ubuntu Software Centre.
Open ccsm from System->Preferences
Go to opacity, brightness and saturation section and go to the saturation tab.
Add a key combination to increase and decrease saturation from the keyboard. I use Ctrl+Alt+Pg Up and Ctrl+Alt+Pg Dn.
Check to enable the functionality from the left of the screen.
Close the Compiz Settings Manager.
Now use the key combinations to reduce saturation to your liking.

Thats it! You’re done!

PS: Please let me know if any of you have any better idea.


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