Download FreeOffice 2012 and help to donate for charity

image courtesy: SoftMaker

SoftMaker is running a charity campaign Load and Help 2013, and need your support to make it a success!

Who or What is SoftMaker?

SoftMaker Software GmbH is a software company that produces office software and is located in Nuremberg, Germany. One of its products, SoftMaker Office 2012, is an alternative for Microsoft Office built and claims to have one of the best compatibility with MS Office formats.

How to support ?

You can support by downloading updated versions of SoftMaker FreeOffice and also a brand new type collection of beautiful holiday fonts for free.  For every download, SoftMaker will donate € 0.10 to charity projects at, a non-profit platform for aid projects around the world. The offer is until December 24, 2013. The following items are on offer:

  • SoftMaker FreeOffice 2012 for Windows
  • SoftMaker FreeOffice 2012 for Linux
  • Elegant Holiday Fonts for Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac
image courtesy: SoftMaker

You can use these software packages permanently free of charge. In the last couple of years, SoftMaker donated more than 20,000 Euros for charity causes.

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