Easylinux OS 64bit version released

The first stable 64bit version of Easylinux OS has been released. The version is named 0.4 . This is by far the most tweaked Unity interface with custom launchers and unity lenses. Most derivatives of Ubuntu has decided to stick to GNOME classic interface.However, since new users would be using Unity by default, it was best thought tweaking Unity launchers would be a good idea.

This build of Easylinux OS is made using UCK unlike the 32bit edition which uses Remastersy. As with  the preloaded software, all possible audio & video codecs are pre installed including flash 64bit . Sun Java is included instead of open jdk  and umplayer is included. A few default software has been changed. Notably, gthumb being the default viewer and photo manager application and thunderbird for mail and calendar.Terminator is provided along with gnome terminal for techies. Pidgin is included for people using proxy to connect to Internet.  And Google chrome is included for people wanting an alternate browser. A lot of indicators has been added to the systems which can be selected from the dash. Easylinux OS is available on live cd so you can grab a copy and run it in a virtual machine to see how it works.

A view of the Dash: Default software changed!




Download Easylinux OS 64bit edition from sourceforge.net

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