Finally,Skype runs without a glitch in Ubuntu 9.04!

All of us who are using Ubuntu 9.04 &/or its derivatives like super os or linux mint 7 or ultimate edition 2.2 must have had the a few issues with skype.

1. Call drops after approx 4 mins

2. Call muting after approx 4 mins

3. High CPU usage .

4. Crashing of Skype.

Searching through the launchpad bugs on skype i stumbled upon this bug report

where a few users have given their opinions how to reduce issues on skype. I can confirm that using a few of these steps together, I have managed to run skype without any issues and have made consecutive long calls for more than 30 mins.

Step 1: Install the latest linux kernel from jaunty repos  ie: 2.6.30-10

Step 2: Install skype static from medibuntu repository

Step 3: Set the audio settings (System->Preferences->Sound->Detault mixer tracks) to HDA Intel (Alsa mixer).

Step 4: Then in Skype  change all three sound device options (sound in, sound out, ring) to HDA Intel.

Step 5: click apply.

PS: the new linux kernel has issues with seep and hibernate on my comp. but the 2.6.30-10 kernel has improved graphics, improved sound and improved webcam support. The webcam picture quality has drastically improved in this kernel.

U can see the screenshots below.

HDA intelskypelatest kernel

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