Get gmail style convesations view in Thunderbird 5

Are you a fan of Gmail style conversation view? Are you missing it in Thunderbird at your workplace? 
There is an easy way to get gmail style threaded view (conversation) in Thunderbird 5. Thunderbird Conversations, an addon for Thunderbird, has now released a stable version (2.0.2) and you can enjoy the look and feel of conversation view in your desktop mail client. However, this addon  only supports Thunderbird 3.3 and above. Older versions of Thunderbird is supported by an older version of this addon which is very buggy. In contrast, the new release works pretty well, a huge improvement over the previous releases.
Features of Thunderbird Conversations:
  • a regular conversation view that fetches messages from all folders, and behaves just like Gmail’s integration with Thunderbird Contacts: participants have tooltips in the conversation, and you can view their avatars and profiles from Facebook, Twitter…
  • a quick reply feature, with autocomplete, that allows you to reply to a thread in a snap
  • quoted parts are collapsed
  • keyboard shortcuts
Download the addon from here.

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