Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.10 manual released

Ubuntu’s most user friendly manual  for its latest iteration 12.10, Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.10,  has been released just in time for tomorrow’s official Ubuntu 12.10 release. The news of the release was made official today morning (GMT) in the Ubuntu Manual’s mailing list.
At the moment, you can download the manual directly from the  ubuntu manual website The latest version of manual will be available to download from Ubuntu Software Centre in a few days. If you wish, you can also buy the manual in paperback (printed copy) from the following link
About Getting Started with Ubuntu Manual

Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.10 is a very easy to understand guide to the world’s most popular open-source OS, Ubuntu. This manual aims to help beginners become familiar with various daily tasks such as web browsing,  listening to music, printing, scanning, etc with easy to follow instructions and screenshots. 
The manual also includes simple troubleshooting steps to help users fix problems.  The ‘Getting Started with Ubuntu’ series is released under an open-source licence.

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