Gnome 3 extensions for better productivity in Ubuntu

Ever since Ubuntu ditched Unity and switched to Gnome3, I’ve been trying to  get the correct combination of extensions to mimic my Unity experience. Throw into the mix a heavy usage of MacOS X over the last 2 years.  After spending a considerable time with the gnome extensions, I’ve finally managed to get my desktop experience to a point where I can work with keyboard shortcuts without getting frustrated. Below is a screenshot of all extensions that I’ve installed.

A few notable extensions :

Notification Centre  – Helps move the notifications from the middle to the right side.
Dynamic Panel Transparency –  Improves the look and feel of Ubuntu desktop so much
Screenshot Tool – This makes taking screenshots so easy , especially the select Area function
NoAnnoyance – Apt name, remove the annoying Window is ready notification
Pixel Saver – I prefer control buttons on the left, so this becomes a must for me to save some vertical screen real estate
Maximize to Workspace – Mimics the MacOS X maximized window feature to a good extent

All the extensions can be found at https://extensions.gnome.org/

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