Google Chrome eating ~ 1GB memory!!! !*@k

This is the most bizarre thing I have seen on my system. I was exploring my Lucid Lynx today and I was shocked to see my system was running out of memory. I couldn’t believe it as I have 4GB of RAM running core2duo. So, I fired up my system and was dumbstruck to see 1 program using nearly 1 GB of memory (914 MB to be precise) and guess which program was that?? Our super fast Google Chrome!!!! I couldnt believe my eyes!! Here… I ‘ve included a screenshot 4 u guys to see. Calculate the total memory by adding up the memory which I have highlighted in the screenshot. All of them are being used by google chrome.
Any google devs looking at this post?? Pls help!!!!


N.B: I am running the latest Google Chrome from the repos.

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