How to have different folder icons for home and root

Most of us who use Gnome, use Nautilus as the file manager. It is a very powerful file manager we all know about it. It gives a user a lot of flexibility to customize the way we want to use it. But at one point where Nautilus gets confusing is when we try to access it as a power user.
Suppose you have the home folder open in nautilus. Now u want to copy some file into the root folder . So u need to open nautilus as root. While looking around, u end up in the home folder as well (super user mode). For some reason, u need to open another application lets say firefox to check ur email, hence deviating from nautilus. Now when u turn ur attention back to nautilus , u have two /home folders open in two windows, one normal user and one as root. But both look the same with same icons and colours. SO there is a very easy chance of getting confused.
I have figured an easy way to keep root folders and home folder icons different.

All u need to do is to download Mashup icons from here . Extract the files and copy the Mashup icons folder , one to /home/user/.icons (where user is your username) and the other to /usr/share/icons.

Now go to /home/user/.icons and go into the Mashup folder from the terminal using this command

:~$ cd ~/.icons/Mashup

then use the morph script to define the type of folder u like
for example, if u like the folder type 3
use this command

:~$ ./ folder3Update: now the mashup icon has been updated.  the script is called has 5 types of folder icons. so, the command is$ ./ folder4
if you want to change the folder icons in the root folder
go to /usr/share/icons/Mashup
and then use the script the same way. but for this you would need to use sudo as you will be in root folder.

similarly, u can change the home folder icon, as well. so u will have different,individual icons for home and the root .

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