[How To] Install Reliance Pro 3 datacard in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Reliance Pro 3 data card is the latest and the fastest data card on 3G network provided by Reliance communications in India. Download speeds can reach upto speeds of 14.7 Mbps compared to an average of 4-7 Mbps provided by rivals like Airtel or Tata Docomo.

Reliance data cards have always been Linux friendly and this time is no exception. Running this data card is just plug and play. You really don’t need to install anything. Just plug in the data card and follow the screenshots below to setup the mobile broadband connection.


Edit the connection from System Settings -> Network ->Mobile Broadband-> Reliance and enter the username and password as shown

If you want to install the Reliance Ubuntu software, you need to use a Windows / Mac pc to get into the USB drive section of the dongle and copy the Linux folder from there. Unfortunately, that drive does not show up in Ubuntu nor does the software auto run. 
Otherwise you can download the file from here.
Unzip the folder , go inside the folder and do the following

cd Linux
chmod +x *
sudo ./install.sh

Once installed, run the application from dash. 

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