[How To] Switch back from Ubuntu Touch to Android easily

I have seen numerous posts which said that switching from Ubuntu Touch back to Android involves wiping out the complete partition and reinstalling Android. So, if you have a backup of Clockworkmod, you have to flash the stock Android, then root it and then transferring the backed up data back into your device and then restore the data. In short, a tedious process!
I wanted to see if I can restore Android from the CWM recovery which Ubuntu Touch uses. Theoretically it should work as the recovery used is the same CWM. So, I gave it a shot and I managed to switch back to one of my Android 4.2.2 backups successfully. Here are the steps which I followed. You need to have a backup of your Android installation using CWM or Rom Manager copied to your PC. 
Disclaimer: The following steps have been tested on Ubuntu 13.04 using a Nexus 4. Image for Ubuntu Touch – 31st August and Android – 4.2.2. Use the tutorial at your own risk. I am not responsible if your phone or PC goes up in flames!
From your terminal type
  cd /pathtoyourandroidbackupfolderonyourPC/
 adb reboot recoveryIn Ubuntu Touch CWM recovery is in /data/media/clockworkmod/, so you need to push your backed up folder in that path. You would also need to create a directory on the phone CWM with the same name as your CWM Android backup. To do that, drop into the shell and use the following commands . 
Note: The folder 2013-07-, mentioned here is just an example, your backup folder name will be different, the format will be same, unless you chose to name it.
  adb shell
 cd /data/media/clockworkmod/backup
 mkdir 2013-07-
 To use adb push you must exit out of the shell, so, as shown above, type exit and press return . After that use adb push to push the contents of the folder into the phone. 
 adb push 2013-07-     /data/media/clockworkmod/backup/2013-07-
Once the transfer is complete, reboot to recovery
 adb reboot recovery
From the recovery menu, go to backup and restore. Click restore, select your backup. 
Note: This restore process is quite long, takes more than 30 mins,so be patient.
Once finished, reboot into Android.
I have not tried to switch back to Ubuntu Touch but, I think that wont be too hard given that I have already bootstrapped my phone once.

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