How to upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10 online

Linux users are always spoilt with choices. Be it different distributions, different applications or different versions of the operating systems.
Following the usual tradition, Canonical, the official sponsor of Ubuntu, released Ubuntu 11.10 codenamed Oneiric Ocelot yesterday. This was Ubuntu’s 15th release. 
As with all new releases, this version also brings a few changes to the OS. However, in this article we will focus primarily on how to upgrade from previous versions of Ubuntu or Ubuntu based distributions. 
Upgrading Linux distributions have come a long way, yet still, a lot of users face trouble during or after the upgrade. Some encounter a complete crash, certain applications not working or no display at all. To minimise the risks, here is how we will be approaching the upgrade.
1. First and foremost step is to back up the important data. Back up the home folder which contains most of your important data, eg, docs, music, pictures, movies. You can always use Ubuntu One or Dropbox to syncronise or an external hard drive if you have too much data.
2. Once backup is done, install ubuntu-desktop, or just make sure it is installed. This is a vital step, missing this step actually messes up the system for Ubuntu based distros. Most of the derivatives like Linux Mint, PingusOS and EasylinuxOS remove ubuntu-desktop metapackage to include their own customisations. To install it go to synaptic or ubuntu software centre and install ubuntu-desktop. For terminal users: 
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
This step might end up installing a whole new set of applications, but you would need to go through this step.
3. Now press Alt+F2 and type update-manager -d.

This will bring up the update manager and on the top it will show that a new version is available.
Sometimes, you might get a pop up automatically asking you to upgrade.
Ubuntu update manager informing of a new release

Click Upgrade or Upgrade Now to start the process. Below are the screenshots of the upgrade procedure. 

Downloading upgrade tool

Click start upgrade to start

Upgrade in progress

Similar to previous versions, ubuntu asks to overwrite old configs with new ones, click to go ahead with new configs. You can see a screenshot of the option here.
Once the upgrade is complete, you will get a popup saying the upgrade is complete. Restart your system and you will be able to login to  a new version of Ubuntu. You can check your version of Ubuntu by typing cat /etc/lsb-release at the terminal

Studio-XPS-1640:~$ cat /etc/lsb-release

You can also check your Ubuntu version from System Settings -> System Info

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