[How To] Install KDE in Fedora Workstation 25

If you are running Fedora Workstation 25, chances are that you have installed the Gnome version of it. While Gnome is quite good and stable, its File manager drives me nuts. On the contrary, KDE’s Dolphin is an absolute beauty. It ticks all the right boxes and the developers were wise enough not to tinker with its core functionalities and features. Dolphin is probably my biggest reason to install the latest Plasma Desktop on top of an otherwise stable and trouble-free Gnome experience.


  • Open Gnome Terminal
  • Run the following commands
    • sudo dnf install @kde-desktop
  • Reboot (I’ve seen, Plasma option does not appear without a restart)
  • Click on the username
  • Click on the settings fob below the password entry section and select Plasma from the dropdown
  • Login to enjoy the fresh KDE5

I must say, I am pleasantly surprised with the smoothness and stability of this latest offering. If you have had previous installations of KDE/plasma desktop and want to reset to default config, check my earlier post.


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