Is Pinguy OS better than Linux Mint ?

It’s very possible that a remastered OS can actually be better than the mother OS. But it is rare that two or more remastered OSes would actually start fighting for recognition.


The mother OS, Ubuntu, is hugely popular and has millions of fans. However, remastered OSes like Linux Mint, Super OS , Ultimate Edition, and Pinguy OS have started making Linux pretty easy for novice and first time users by adding restricted drivers and software which Ubuntu cannot supply pre-installed. This makes Linux a far more easy to use and gives a true out of the box experience.

Linux Mint is a good distro, but in my opinion, Pinguy OS gives a far better experience with pre-configured compiz tweaks , global menu  , conky and docky. Agreed that it needs a little more RAM but, now a days anyone using Vista or Windows 7 will have a minimum of 2G of RAM and an intel core2 duo processor.

Pinguy OS comes with a lot of pre-installed software like Linux Mint but there are a few extra software pre-installed which I like . Especially, the VirtualBox, conky ,the Digital TV setup , Pinta and the pre-installed add-ons for Firefox. The Firefox add-ons really stand out. . The only software ,I use, that is missing is the Chromium browser . I am disappointed to see it is still not being included. Apart from that I like this remastered version more than UE and SuperOS. UE adds too much software and Super OS does too little and Linux Mint feels more like Windows!!

To sum up ,  I like Pinguy OS more than Linux Mint!

What do you guys think? Please have your say in the poll below.

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