Libreoffice releases new beta and stable builds

A flurry of releases have been announced by the developers of LibreOffice in the last two days. First of them is a release for the current stable branch 3.4. The new version is 3.4.5 , released on the 16th of January. There are no new features but an array of bugs have be quashed. For a detailed list of bug fixes please follow the link here.

The second stable release was for the 3.3 branch . Released today, there were minor fixes in the release. Release notes for this release can be found here.
The upcoming major release 3.5 also saw a beta release yesterday. This is the third beta release and contains a series of bug fixes and regression fixes as well. For the full list of fixes follow the link here.
If you want to download the stable releases, you can download from the link below.
LibreOffice 3.3.4 and 3.4.5 :
You can download  the 3.5 beta3 release from
Please note, the beta release is not fit for mission critical production systems. 

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