[News] New features, designs and updates flood Ubuntu Touch

As the release of Ubuntu Touch v 1.0 comes closer, on the same day as Ubuntu 13.10, new features and designs and updates to the core apps are starting to pour in. Judging by the quality of updates, looks like Ubuntu and Canonical are going for the kill; make a real good first impression.
Most notable of the updates which landed within the last week are: 
1. Dynamic backgrounds for weather updates – very nice and very unique default weather app for any OS

2. Ubuntu Touch first run interactive tour- An interactive tour on how to use the edge swipes on first run.Still in alpha stage but nice.

3.  Software Center for Click packages BETA – Designed & specifically targeted towards Ubuntu Touch, it enables developers to encapsulate Ubuntu SDK software into CLICK package formats (similar to DEB),  is now available as a public beta. Announcement page.
4. New calendar designs: These new calendar designs, designed by +Kunal Parmar , according to me , are one of the best I have seen on mobile devices. It is still a prototype, but shouldnt be long before it hits default builds

5. Shorts App – The beautiful RSS reader app for Ubuntu touch was updated with refreshed background, new name, new icon and font optimizations. 

6. Music App – focusing on the content, a new version was released introducing multiple visual additions and refinements


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