Nexus 5, Nexus 7 LTE now available in Google Play Store India

A quick update on pure Android devices. Google has made Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 available for purchase directly from Google Play store in India starting today. Its a great move from Google since the search giant did not release Nexus 4 last year through the play store.
Nexus 5 is available in two variants (black and white) in both 16GB and 32GB and Nexus 7 is available in Wifi (16 GB) and 32 (Wifi + 4G LTE). 


Nexus 5

  • 16 GB – ₹ 28,999 
  • 32 GB – ₹ 32,999 

Nexus 7

  • 16 GB(Wifi Only) – ₹ 20,999
  • 32 GB(Wifi Only) – ₹ 23,999
  • 32 GB(Wifi + 4G LTE) – ₹ 27,999

The price for each of the devices are ₹1000 less than what is made available by LG in retail outlets. Pricing is very competitive when compared to Galaxy S4 (₹ 40,700) , HTC One (₹ 40,622) and Apple iPhone 5c(₹ 41,900) and 5s(₹ 53,500).

There seems to be no shipping charges added while ordering the phones online. That is a big plus. Although, it says, daily currency fluctuations will have an impact on the final price.

UPDATE (5:00PM IST): Black variant of  both Nexus 5 16 GB and 32 GB are now out of stock. Only the white variant is  available for order. This is an encouraging sign; may prompt Google to launch the next Nexus on the same day as US!

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