Play games in Linux with Desura

“Linux users were continually reaching out to us offering their support andencouragement as we developed the Linux client. I believe we have created a robust tool to help promote and grow gaming on Linux.”

“After an extensive 2 month beta, we are proud to unlock Desura for all Linux users and shift our attention towards adding to the more than 65 Linux games already offered.” 

– Scott Reismanis, the founder of Desura.
Desura Linux client running on Ubuntu

Thanks to Desura, Linux users will be less labelled as command-line geeks. Desura released its Linux friendly client on 17th November  which contains 65 game titles. Users can buy, downland and play these games at the click of a mouse.

Downloading and installing the client is very easy. Once downloaded, extract the tar.gz file by right clicking on the file. Select “Extract Here”. Then, go into the folder and double click on the file named Desura to launch the program. You will need to register first before you can start playing. 
You can download Deura for Linux from here

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