[How To] Reset KDE5 user config to default

I’m primarily a Gnome and Unity user. However, from time to time I give KDE a shot to see if I can really work with it. Ever since moving to Fedora 25, I’ve been wanting to try out the latest KDE 5.x because of its good reviews (read stability). While I installed KDE5 with considerable ease on top of Fedora Gnome, I completely forgot that the last KDE I tried was, way long back, i.e. KDE4.

So, when I logged into KDE, it looked absolutely horrendous. The only way to fix this was to clean out all the old KDE configs. I practically deleted all the old config and cache files which were related to KDE.

Best way to clean up is to login to your Gnome profile ( if you have that installed) and delete the KDE folders via Files file manager or the terminal. If, however, you don’t have Gnome installed, drop to a terminal screen before you login and delete the files and folders of anything related to KDE.

Note: don’t try to delete the KDE folders when you’re logged into KDE , it will yield unsatisfactory results.

Below are the steps I took to clean up :
cd ~/
rm -rf .kde
rm -rf .cache/plasmashell*
rm -rf .cache/org.kde.dirmodel-qml.kcache
rm -rf .cache/kioexec/ .cache/krunner/ .cache/ksycoca5*
rm -rf .cache/krunnerbookmarkrunnerfirefoxdbfile.sqlite
rm -f .config/plasma*
rm -rf .config/kde*
cd .local/
rm -rf kate/ kded5/ klipper/ knewstuff3/ kscreen/ konsole/ kwalletd/ ksysguard/ kmail2/ kcookiejar/ kactivitymanagerd/
cd share/
rm -rf dolphin kate kcookiejar kded5 keyrings klipper kmail2 knewstuff3 konsole kscreen ksysguard kwalletd kxmlgui5 plasma_engine_comic plasma plasma_notes org.kde.gwenview
cd ~/.config/
rm -rf akonadi* KDE kconf_updaterc baloo* dolphinrc drkonqirc gwenviewrc kmail2rc k*rc katemetainfos

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