Set file associations for MS Office 2010 and 2007 installed via playonlinux

If you are installing MS Office 2007 or 2010 using PlayOnLinux, chances are that the file associations will not work properly. In order to set the file associations for .docx and .pptx to MS Office you can follow the procedure below.
Enable hidden files by pressing Ctrl+H at the home folder. Leave the window open. Open a terminal and then type the command

sudo nautilus

Type in your password. Go to usr->share->applications. There, search for MS Word icon. If the MS Office icons are not present there then, copy the icons from the desktop and paste it in the folder. 

After that, right click on the icon you just pasted and click on properties. Change the “command” to

playonlinux –run “Microsoft Word 2010” z:%f

For Powerpoint you just change “Word” to “Powerpoint” And if you are running office 2007 you just change “2011” to “2007” Do this with all the icons you want to set file associations for. Then close the Window. Then open home folder. Click on .playonlinux->shortcuts.

There, you will find different files named Exel, Powerpoint and Word. Open each one with notepad.

[ “$PLAYONLINUX” = “” ] && exit 0
source “$PLAYONLINUX/lib/sources”
export WINEPREFIX=”/home/leo/.PlayOnLinux//wineprefix/Office2010″
export WINEDEBUG=”-all”
#POL_Log=Microsoft Office 2010_1336312516
cd “/home/leo/.PlayOnLinux//wineprefix/Office2010/drive_c/./Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office14”
POL_Wine “EXCEL.EXE”  $@
change $@ to
“$(echo “$@” | sed -e ‘s:/*/::g’)”

Now, go to the file you want to open, right click and select open with and other applications then show other applications and you should see word and powerpoint. Click on it and is should start. You have to repeat this with all the apps you want to set associations to. 

Thanks to Leo

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