Skype 2.1 beta for Linux fraternity

TIme to rejoice for Skype Linux users!!!! Skype developers yesterday released the much awaited beta of skype 2.1 . This new version is hoped to improve on all the pulseaudio related issues in Ubuntu distros and all the other distros using pulseaudio as the main sound server. Plus it is touted to provide better video/voice quality.

Ubuntu 8.10 packaged .deb files are available for download. Surprisingly ubuntu 9.04 support is not mentioned but it is definitely supported!!

Here’s the list of features mentioned in the skype blog.

What’s new in this release:

  • Skype’s SILK codec for outstanding quality with negligible bandwidth usage,
  • HQ video support,
  • PulseAudio support,
  • SMS send support (*Sending SMS requires available Skype Credit),
  • Contact groups,
  • Contact labels, or tags, for easier contact organization,
  • Chat window improvements (typing notification, message editing, s/geeky text/replacement/, new emoticons),
  • Nicer contact list with mood messages and video capability icons,
  • Nicer tray icon.

Download the latest skype 2.1 beta from here now!


The new skype2.1 beta works well with Ubuntu 9.10 alpha 4. I have tested a skype test call on it. But there are video issues which i encountered.

To solve this problem , i follow’d the post by andrew.

Here’s what that needs to be done.

open an empty file and name it something like and paste the following in it

sleep 2
LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ skype

save it and right click on it. go to properties
and select execute for all the users.
Now edit the the ubuntu menu.
Right click on the menu -> edit menu
select internet -> select skype -> click properties
in the command box  click on browse and select the
And thats it.
Now everytime you open skype, your video will be crystal clear

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