Teaching is as much fun as learning

We are blessed to be living in an age where technology has eased out most of our worries. Learning has become fun like never before.  And so has teaching. Gone are the days when we used to only rely on our textbooks for informations and learning. Now, we don’t even know where exactly we are getting the information from, sometimes, involuntarily we may just read an article that is trending on facebook, or google, or any website that has been posted on twitter. Infact,most of us who are on social networking sites are so abreast with the latest news, that it is amazing. We are all updated with the latest happening,not only in India, but abroad. This is an age of information overload. And since most of the kids are on social networking sites,they are far more aware than we were at our times. Alas, we are catching up with technology and innovation now. Just last Friday, I was teaching two of my neighbours sons and thought I would give them two question papers to solve at home. Once they are done, they can discuss it and read more about it on www.sabakuch.com,a networking site that has many facets. Not only can they read, they can opt to study and discuss online with each other rather than meeting face-to-face. I, as a teacher can also upload notes that they can access. It is a great tool to communicate with a group of students virtually,and passing on information and teaching them.

Now,given the weather in Delhi, it is advisable to stay indoors, as much as possible. So, I have reduced the number of classes where they have to be present physically to 2 instead of 4, but I am teaching them nevertheless,  As a teacher, I feel satisfied and connected to my students via this platform to share my knowledge and opinion.

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