Ubuntu 12.10 released – what’s new?

Ubuntu 12.10, the seventeenth release of Canonical sponsored Ubuntu operating system has been released today. This release includes a number of controversial changes, most notable of which is the dropping of the 2D version of Unity desktop environment. The controversial inclusion of Amazon search results in the dash and an Amazon webapp in the launcher has created much discontent among early testers leading to widespread complaints. Since then, a privacy setting to turn off Amazon search results have been included in the settings menu. 
Starting from Ubuntu 12.10, the Ubuntu Live CD is officially dead. The present ISO size is 763 MB, which by no means will fit into a CD, leaving only a possible Live DVD/USB option open. Other features of what’s new in the latest iteration of Ubuntu, this article will cover in a pictorial representation. Scroll down to view.
The default Ubuntu 12.10 desktop with default wallpaper
Excellent new community wallpapers included 

New Social Lens shortcut on Ubuntu menu right click  and a new social lens in the dash


Lenses with Amazon search result integration
Legal Notice information at the bottom right for Amazon search results  

Right click previews for applications with launch and install features directly from dash with animations

Easier removal of drives from launcher by unlocking 
Movable Workspace Switcher
The horrible green LibreOffice splash screen 

LibreOffice 3.6 with global menu by defualt

Ubuntu Software Centre now includes turn on/off option for adding application icons in the launcher during installation
Updated Rhythmbox Music Player with Ubuntu One Integration 
Firefox Web Browser 16 with Amazon and Ubuntu One Webstore webapps

Webapps for various sites such as Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc. can be created easily.


Docking to the launcher and searching for webapps from the dash is also supported. 


 Close open windows in overlay mode using the new Unity Spread feature

Thunderbird Mail 16 with cloud storage and chat integration

The system settings menu with online accounts, search privacy settings and new additional drivers menu 
Online accounts include Twitter, Google, Hotmail, Windows Live, Yahoo and Facebook

Fully featured Nautilus 3.4 instead of a stripped down Nautilus 3.6

New option to view folders with disk analyser
Updated Ambiance and Radiance themes 

Video/Audio Calls – Skype, Empathy, Google Talk
The new features for Empathy now enables video calling to and from Android phones (tested on ICS) with Gmail accounts flawlessly. Video and audio calls from Skype and Empathy activates the mic slider under the sound icon in the panel which is not visible otherwise. The mic is no longer muted by default.

New coloured chat status icons for Empathy

New installer options for Ubuntu 12.10 include full installation encryption and LVM partitioning options via GUI

Login to remote servers from the login screen using Ubuntu Single Sign On


You can download Ubuntu by clicking on the button below

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