Ubuntu One touches 1 million users, upgrades to 5GB free

A new tweet from @UbuntuOne informed that 1 million users have signed up for Ubuntu One storage. That’s a good number for a service which is still under active development!
For starters, UbuntuOne is a cloud synchronsation service offered along with Ubuntu for syncing contacts, documents, data and music files. Similar services are Windows Skydrive and iCloud for Mac. The service was started with Ubuntu 10.04.
To keep the competition alive, Canonical, the official backers of Ubuntu, has now increased the storage quota from 2GB to 5GB of free space. That’s quite a leap ! It now provides 3GB of space more than Dropbox, which is more popular and widely used across multiple platforms. 

UbuntuOne can be accessed from Windows machines, although the client is still in beta. The is an Android and an iPhone app for steaming music from the storage drive. Music streaming feature is not free though. It costs $3.99 a month. 
The service, interestingly, does not have a rpm based build hence users of distributions like Fedora, SUSE and CentOS  do not have access to it yet unless you are using the browser to access it . Hopefully, in the near future we will be able to see a client for rpm based distros.

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