Use Simple login manager (SLim) instead of GDM

SLiM default theme
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Tired of  resource hogging GDM? Lighten up with SLim!

Simple Login Manager or SLim in short, is a a desktop-independent graphical login manager for X11.  SLim is  very light on resources and has a simple interface. It also supports themes, although, there is no GUI to configure SLim yet! However, changing themes is quite simple. Installing Slim is also quite simple. Slim is available in Ubuntu repositories.  SLim is used by popular  distro, Jolicloud.

First. remove GDM. (You can keep GDM if you like).  Below are the commands for removing GDM and installing SLim.

sudo apt-get remove gdm

Note: While removing gdm, it will ask you to remove ubuntu desktop. You can click yes. It does not harm your system.
sudo apt-get install slim

If you decide to keep both the login managers, while installing SLim, it will ask you for the default login manager, select SLim instead of GDM.

You can also install SLim from Synaptic or Ubuntu Software Centre. Just search for ‘slim’.


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