Using Google Talk in Ubuntu 11.04 without wine in 4 simple steps.

I have tried many a times to try and run Google Talk using  wine but have failed miserably.  But now I have found a way to use Google Talk in Ubuntu. Thanks to an member, puneet, who directed me to a nice way to get google talk on Ubuntu . The four simple steps and 15 mins of your precious time will be enough. 🙂

1. open google chrome from the terminal using this command
google-chrome –user-data-dir=”~/.gtalk”
2. Go to Chrome webstore by clicking this link
3. Install the app, Google Talk. It may give you a warning that the app is only for Chrome OS but it will run on Ubuntu and its derivatives since Chrome OS is Linux based.
4. After installation is complete, right click on the google talk icon to add it to the desktop and the main menu/launcher

Thats it! You have google talk standalone app to chat and make audio and video calls.

Thanks to Puneet and

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