Fix VMware issues in Ubuntu 11.10

I have been
using VMware for a few weeks now. While it ran without glitches in
Windows 7 and previous versions of Ubuntu, after upgrading, I ran into
trouble when I tried to start VMware workstation 7. It kept giving me
the error 

Failed to compile module vmmon!

much googling I was able to find a blog by Ved Antani which had the
detailed steps how to get past the annoying error. I am summarising the
steps below

You will have to drop to root to carry out the following steps

mkdir /tmp/vmware && cd /tmp/vmware

cp -R /usr/lib/vmware/modules/source/ .

cd /tmp/vmware/source


mv vmware2_6_39patchv3.tar.bz2 vmware2.6.39patchv3.tar.bz2
tar -jxvf vmware2.6.39patchv3.tar.bz2
for i in ./*.tar; do tar -xf $i; done
for i in ./*.tar; do mv $i $i.orginal; done
patch -t -f -p1 < vmware2.6.39fixedv3.patch
tar cf vmblock.tar vmblock-only
tar cf vmci.tar vmci-only
tar cf vmmon.tar vmmon-only
tar cf vmnet.tar vmnet-only
tar cf vsock.tar vsock-only
cp -vf *.tar /usr/lib/vmware/modules/source/

Once done, Run VMware workstation.

 Thanks to Ved Antani

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