Viewing odt files in Android

 All Android phones are capable of handling .doc, .docx and .rtf files with ease. However, when it comes to a .odt file , the default document handler is unable to handle the request. This is because, by default, all document readers are programmed to handle only MS Office file formats. File type .odt is a default format for LibreOfficeOpenOfficeIBM Lotus Symphony and many other well known MS Office alternative Office Suites
To enable reading document files with .odt format you would need to download an application called Open Office Document Reader by Tom Tasche. This app is available in the Android Market. The latest version of this app is also capable of reading spreadsheets (Excel sheets).
To install the app, go to the Market and search for Open Office Document Reader.The app is very light and quick to load. Currently, the application only supports reading of .odt files. Editing will be added in future versions. More details about the app can be found at the desktop friendly android markets page : .

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